Big Slick Oil – Lithium Grease 3 Pack


Big Slick Oil – Lithium Grease (NL GI 2) is a multi-purpose heavy duty, highly adhesive, water resistant, lithium grease designed for extreme loads, for use in the commercial and industrial markets. This grease is fortified to protect metal surfaces in severe service, including exposure to water, mud, and other contaminants. It offers outstanding protection against wear caused by heavy and shock loads, thereby helping to extend equipment life and reduce down time. BSO Lithium Grease will find use in construction, agriculture, truck fleets, and numerous other heavy duty applications.

Brand(s): Big Slick oil
Part Number: Unknown
Number of items: 3
Model Number: Unknown
Weight: 126 oz
Related Industries: Automotive, Transportation, Industrial

Safety & Quality: Highly rated by 815 users.