Big Slick offers Magnesium Chloride by the ton for customers who need to control dust accumulation on unpaved roads. Magnesium Chloride is proven to be a highly effective means of controlling dust build-up in a variety of settings including agriculture, military operations, mining, and construction.

Our product is created using only organic material, which makes it ideal for farms, organic farms, and water-sensitive areas. A standard order of 72 tons will provide a customer with enough material to cover a two-mile stretch of dirt road – allowing a vehicle to travel 50mph without creating excessive dust.

Big Slick uses a tailored approach to solving your dust problems by analyzing the soil at your site, as well as developing an understanding of the traffic on and uses of the areas you are trying to control. Our customized approach ensures that you identify the best possible solution to minimize your dust control costs, while eliminating the need for excessive applications that can result from product breakdown.