Air Filters:

All of our air filters are supplied by Donaldson—the oldest and most trusted brand in the industry. With the combination of the highest quality Donaldson filters and the Big Slick Petroleum filter service, your filters are guaranteed to always perform at their greatest potential.

Your air filter stops debris that comes in through your air intake before it reaches the throttle body or, in some cases, the carburetor. It can stop your engine from filling up with muck, dirt, and dust, but a dirty air filter restricts airflow to the engine, causing a rich air/fuel mixture. When your car runs dirty, it burns more fuel and gives off more emissions. If you’ve ever looked at the air filter while changing it, you know just how much dirt it stops—and how dirty it gets. The filter keeps all that muck out of your engine, but a dirty one can clog up your engine’s airflow. Without sufficient airflow, your engine’s fuel air mixture runs rich with too much gasoline.

Signs of a dirty car air filter include poor gas mileage, higher emissions, engine misfires, unusual engine sounds, and trouble starting. These problems only get worse as the it gets dirtier and older. In extreme cases black smoke or even flames can come from your vehicle’s exhaust pipe because of the rich air mixture.

Protect your car from damage down the road with a new air filter from Big Slick. We carry the best brands, so you can drive confidently on the road ahead.

Oil Filters:

The performance of your vehicle depends on several different components, but a major source of maintaining top-notch quality comes from taking care of your fuel filters. Along with wear and tear on your vehicle comes clogged and dirty fuel filters, which hinder your vehicle's ability to perform at the top of its class. Not only that, but a clogged fuel filter is also detrimental to fuel efficiency. Regularly check your filters to ensure there's no excess dirt due to rust inside the gas tank and fuel lines. If it's been 50,000 miles or your filter became contaminated faster, get to Big Slick where you can find every fuel filter and component your car needs to run efficiently.