Bulk fuel DELIVERY services, lubricants, fuel storage, and more.

Optimize your bulk fuel management and elevate your operational efficiency today.

Welcome to Big Slick Oil, where we redefine the way businesses fuel success through our comprehensive Bulk Fuel services. If you’re looking to optimize your fuel management strategy and elevate your operational efficiency, you’re in the right place. Explore the advantages of Bulk Fuel and discover why it’s the smart choice for businesses aiming for productivity, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.


Big Slick will deliver fuel to you anywhere. From refilling a single vehicle, to an entire fleet. We accommodate all orders including mobile tank refueling and heavy equipment as well. Same day service is available!


Big Slick offers customer solutions for dispensing fuel on site. Both Gas and Diesel tanks are available for any and all spec requirements. We will handle the required permitting paperwork for you as well as a complete installation.


Safely store fuel, flammable liquids & harsh chemicals at our facilities. Our above ground storage tanks (ASTs) provide an adequate capacity for all your needs. We provide easy and quick access to your storage.

Our fuel AND DIESEL delivery services are reliable and will supply your on-road assets right on time.
We can help you save time, reduce cost and minimize the environmental impact of your operation.

bulk fuel

BULK FUEL – Simplifying operations while reducing the cost:

1. Cost-Effective Fueling Solutions:

Bulk fuel purchasing offers a cost-effective alternative to frequent refueling. By buying in larger quantities, you gain access to favorable pricing, translating to significant savings for your business. Say goodbye to fluctuating fuel costs and hello to budget predictability.

2. Minimize Downtime, Maximize Productivity:

In the fast-paced business environment, downtime is a luxury no business can afford. With our Bulk Fuel services, you ensure a consistent and readily available fuel supply, minimizing interruptions and maximizing productivity. Keep your operations running smoothly, 24/7.

3. Tailored to Your Business Needs:

Every business is unique, and so are its fuel requirements. Our Bulk Fuel services are customizable to fit the specific needs of your industry. Whether you’re managing a fleet, operating heavy machinery, or overseeing a construction site, we have the expertise to tailor a solution that aligns with your goals.

4. Strategic Fuel Planning:

Predictable fuel costs and a reliable supply chain empower you to plan strategically for your business’s energy needs. Bulk fuel gives you the freedom to focus on growth and innovation rather than being reactive to fuel market fluctuations.

5. Environmental Responsibility:

Our Bulk Fuel services align with sustainable practices. Reduce your carbon footprint with our eco-friendly fueling solutions, contributing to a greener and more environmentally responsible approach to energy consumption.

6. Same Day Service Avaiable:

Business doesn’t sleep, and neither should your access to fuel. Our Bulk Fuel services ensure around-the-clock availability, providing you with the peace of mind that your fuel needs are covered whenever you need them.


Ordering bulk fuel from Big Slick Petroleum is quick and easy. Just complete this request and we’ll get the fuel headed to your equipment.