Coolant / Antifreeze

Coolant and Antifreeze products:

All Coolant/Antifreeze products are 50/50 premixed to industry standards. A minimum order is one drum (55 gallons) up to 80 drums or 20 totes per truckload. Delivered on-site to you at your convenience.
coolant and antifreeze


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Welcome to Big Slick Oil, where we redefine engine protection with our exceptional range of coolant and antifreeze products. Your vehicle’s performance and longevity depend on reliable temperature regulation, and our cutting-edge solutions are engineered to deliver just that. Explore the advantages of our coolant and antifreeze products and ensure your engine runs at its optimal temperature in every season.

Why Choose Big Slick Oil Coolant and Antifreeze?

1. Advanced Engine Protection:

Our coolant and antifreeze formulas are crafted with state-of-the-art technology to provide advanced protection against overheating, corrosion, and freezing. Trust us to safeguard your engine, ensuring its longevity and peak performance.

2. Versatility for All Seasons:

We understand that different climates demand different solutions. Our coolant and antifreeze products are versatile, offering reliable performance in both extreme heat and bitter cold. No matter the season, we’ve got your engine covered.

3. Extended Service Life:

Our products are designed to go the distance. With extended service life, you can count on fewer coolant changes, saving you time and maintenance costs. Experience peace of mind with a coolant solution that lasts.

4. Coolant and Antifreeze Corrosion Prevention:

Corrosion is the enemy of engine health. Our coolant and antifreeze formulas include robust corrosion inhibitors, protecting critical engine components and ensuring smooth operation over the long haul.

5. Compatibility with Diverse Engines:

Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV, or operate heavy machinery, our coolant and antifreeze products are compatible with a diverse range of engines. Choose reliability and compatibility for all your vehicles.


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